Meet Janice

Janice Jordan, Owner of J.A.Nice & Company, is a Sacramento Valley Club President for CEOSPACE. Past experience includes, Owner and Operator of Angel Platters A Village Cafe, a give back to the community restaurant, Speaker, Trainer, Author, and Coach. Janice strongly believes networking is the way to market your business and referrals are a great way to grow your business. Janice herself, networks through many chambers and organizations. She was also the Director of the Sacramento Tapestry Network for four years.

Janice is the author of, “It’s More Than Wine and Meatballs…The Secrete to Effective Networking and Growing through Referrals” and has an extensive sales and marketing background.

Janice has been networking way before it was cool. She grew many sales territories and businesses through networking and relationship building for companies like Xerox, Val Pak, PenneySaver, and even a funeral home.

Specialties: Marketing, Relationship Building, Running and managing business. Connecting business to business through referral.

On the personal side, she is a wife and grandmother, paints in watercolor, loves cooking, baking and gardening.